The 15th Annual Empire Brewfest
Friday, July 19, 2019
Clinton Square, Downtown Syracuse, NY
What's new
200+ Craft Beers
13 Food Trucks
All Request DJ
We are celebrating 15 years of the Empire Brewfest!  We're going home to where it all began:  Clinton Square.  We're celebrating Empire State craft beer by hosting only NY Craft Beers.  And we'll have 200+ of them on hand.  We're also having a giant craft beer release party.  
When  you're sampling great craft beer you get hungry, right?  Welcome to the Empire Brewfest Food Truck Rodeo.  You'll have 13 food trucks to choose from and we're sure you'll find something you love.  Nothing goes together with craft beer like great food!
We like talking to the brewers when we're sampling, don't you?  In an effort to be able to talk to brewers, reps and our friends we're bringing in a fun DJ service.  Mike will take all of your requests:  Rock, Country, EDM, Top 40 and more.  If you request it Mike will play it.